My Service

Sessions run an hour and I will review your manuscript, CV, book description, and pitch letter before our telephone meeting, as well as previously published books, reviews, and any praise for your writing. That helps me determine what type of publisher/agent is a good fit for you. We then discuss everything from the publishing process to timelines to getting around submission rules.

I can also rewrite book descriptions and pitch letters if that’s a service you need, as well as brainstorm non-fiction book ideas with you in light of the zeitgeist and a constantly changing market.

My Fees

My fee is $300 for an hour discussion in which I give:

  • A sense of your project from a publisher’s perspective.
  • Offer tips on how to get published.
  • Advice on how to sharpen your approach to make that possible. 


Before we meet please send me your:

  • M/S
  • Title
  • Pitch letter
  • Book description
  • CV (if you have one)
  • Praise or reviews of previous writings.

I will review it.

Details of the Session

During our meeting, I listen for words and phrases that bring more precision to your title and description, consider your project in terms of the zeitgeist, (is it timely, or, could it be?), and gain an understanding of where your book fits into the publishing landscape. I answer your questions and ask a lot of my own in order to come up with a strategy to help get you published.